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Satya's Sex Tales

"After long fucking they all cum all over my face and body."

My name is Sharmila and I am from India. It is my real true sex story which I need to share with anyone, but in my country on person is for this purpose. It is a story of about one month ago it was my husband's birthday and he called me from his office to get ready in night for a party. I was ready in night and when he came to home there were three of his friends with him. He asked me to give them dinner and after this they went together in the TV room and start watching an XXX movie and drink. I feel uncomfortable there and go to my bedroom. It was a little hot and I decided to have a bath. When I came out from bath it was dark in my bedroom. I was amazed on it and when I switch on the light, I was really shocked. I saw one of my husband's friends was standing in front of me in born dress. He was fully naked. I saw on him and amazed that why he was in my room in this position, but suddenly I came to know that they all were in my room and they all were naked. I saw to my husband he was also smiling. Then he comes to me and asked me that was I ready for a party?

I asked him what kind of party he wanted in that position. He replied that he celebrated his birthday with his friends as wild sex party and he invited his office friends for this purpose, but unfortunately they did not find any call girl for that party. Because of this reason they wanted me for a wild sex whole night. As I loved my husband very much and when he asked me to have sex with his friends I have no reason to deny, and it was also my fantasy to have a group sex and now it is going true with the help of my own husband. I was ready for group sex.

First of all they go for a play. My husband bid for me and his friends gave their bids for sex with me. The highest bid for me is 1000 Rupees and bidder is Harish, best friend of my husband. He came to me and asked me pull down his jeans. I obey him because he has won me in bid. All other person were sit beside us and watching us. Harish gave his rock hard cock in my hand and asked me to play with it. I like the size and rubbed the cock very well with my soft hands. After some time Harish asked me to suck his cock. I go for it and it is quite a different experience for me. It was so tasty. I sucked his rod very well and in only 5 minutes I feel some saltish fluid in my mouth. It was Harish's cum. He was so amaze why he cum in my mouth after only 5 min but it was my tongue that force Harish to cum.

Second bid was 700 Rupees. It was from Mehal. He was so big he came to me and say no word to me. He put me on carpet in front of my husband and pull my legs in opposite direction and insert his 10-inch-long rod in my wet pussy and started me fucking hard with a wild sound. It is a different experience for me to face a strong cock in that position. I enjoy the every stroke very well and asked him to fuck me hard. All of my husband's friends and my husband also enjoy it. After 10 minutes long enjoyment, Mehal cum into my pussy. It was very hot. I feel very good for this and thank him for this.

Third was Ravi. He was a straight guy. He came to me and asked me that he wanted to lick my wet cummed pussy. I allowed him and he started to lick my pussy with his tongue. It was a very good feeling for me. I cried with enjoyment. He licked me very well and after some time he came over me and start fucking me gently. His cock was not good in size so I don't enjoy his fucking and soon he was over in my boobs. That I like.

Now it is the turn of my husband. He came to me and asked me he withdraw from his turn and asked me to chose one of his friend for sex. With my own willing I call Mehal for that, but he refuse to sex me alone. He gave the idea that all friends fuck me same time. They all agree with him.

Mehal lay on bed and I got on him. His 10-inch-long rod was set well in pussy, then Harish put his rock hard cock in my ass. I feel it very well now. Ravi give his little cock in my mouth and my husband gave them a good time to fuck me at the same time. After long fucking they all cum all over my face and body. I enjoy it very well and it is a true love for husband from my end that I gave him and his friends a good enjoyment and time on my husband's birthday. It is my true story which I wanted to share with any person.

"My dick was increasing with full speed."

It is not a story but a fact of my life. I was in std. 10 at that time. I was very good at studies. I had tuition of my school teacher. Her name was Mrs. Srini. She was a teacher of maths and science. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body, especially by her boobs. They were very good and perfect in shape and size. I didn't have bad eyes over her when I joined her tuition. My interest in her started after some days of joining the tuition. I will tell how it happened. She used to call us at her home for tuition. We were 14 students in our batch. We used to sit on the floor and she used to sit on a chair.

Once while teaching maths she gave us a problem to solve. I could do about half of the problem and then I got a bit confused so I asked her what to do further. She came to me and since I was sitting on the floor she bend towards me to explain me the problem. Suddenly she got 'khujli' (itching) on the lower side of her neck and as her hand went to her neck my eyes went there. I saw her big and well shaped boobs. I could not see them fully. Even I could not see her nipples but I saw the big and deep valley created by her two big mountain like boobs. She had all her attention in the problem and I had mine in her valley. This was the day which made me eager about her. Now on every day I kept trying to watch either her gully (valley) or her boobs or her thighs or her chut. Though I had not been lucky enough to watch her nipples or her panty. But I kept trying to see it. She had taken total hold of my dreams. I fucked her every night in my dreams.

Once I could not go to tuition and when I reached there next day no one of my batch was present there. She was cleaning her home as diwali was just after some days and so she gave a day off to all the students. I didn't know that due to absence of previous day. She was alone at home. She surprised to see me. But then she reminded of my absence on previous day. She was in her off-white sleeveless nightie. First time I saw her white milky full hands. She had tucked the bottom of her night-gown up into her panties so that she could walk freely. It was that much up that I was able to watch lower part of her thighs. I asked her, "Can I help you ma'am?" She replied, "No, I will do it. Don't worry." I said, "I don't have any work to do. I would be happy to help you." She said OK.

She told me to go with her to bring a table from the last room. While we were going, due to lack of attention, she struck with a wall and first two button of her gown broke due to the nail on the wall, but she didn't notice that. When we went to the table, she bend to lift the table and there her treasure was in front of me. Suddenly her leg struck with table and she moaned with pain and she started massaging her leg by bending. I went to her and asked her whether it was painful. As I bent in front of her I saw almost her full boobs because she didn't have bra inside. They were amazing and my dick got straight up being hard rock. After some time she felt okay and we lifted the table and whenever she bents I kept watching her deep valley.

After putting the table in that room she said me to bring a stool. She climbed up the stool and told me to hold its one leg. I set down and hold the leg and as I watched up I saw her white panty and her beautiful milky thighs, and my dick was increasing with full speed. As the stool got a bit imbalance she smiled at me and told to hold it properly. I replied her with smile. Suddenly she fell down from the stool and I tried to hold her but in doing so I also fell down with her. During this whole process her breasts touched me so many time and once in holding her I placed my hand on her panty also. When we both fell down I was up on her and we both were laughing. In this position I touched her breasts with my hand but she didn't notice as she was busy laughing. After some moments she realized my weight on her and with a bit moaning and in sexy tone she told me, "Hey sagar, get up please. Your weight is crushing me." I still could not gather enough courage to propose her for sex as she was not a woman who will easily get ready for this. After heaving a tea she good-byed me and I had to leave.

Now I started thinking how to get her. We had a chapter in science about human body's sexual organs. Following my idea, I remain absent during that chapter giving reason of illness. When I started the tuition back I requested her to teach the chapter and she agreed. She further told me that it was very important chapter not only for exams but also for life. She called me that evening at 7.30 pm. That evening my parents went out of city for a wedding for 4 days. When I reached her home she was packing a bag and I became sad thinking that she might be going out. She told me to sit for a while. I set for about half an hour and then her husband came from office. I thought they both were going out but then she told me that her husband was going out with her son. Now I was very happy.

Her husband and son left at about 8.30. Then she set besides me and relaxing a bit said to me, "Sorry Samil, I have wasted your time but I was not knowing about this tour in the morning. It's too late now and if I will start now, it will take about 2 hours and it will be around 11.00 at night and your parents will worry for you." I informed her that my parents had gone out and no one was at home. So she advised me to stay there for the night and I at once accepted it. Then she asked me to have dinner and we went to dining table. She was in saree that time. While she served my plate her saree slipped from her shoulder and I saw her deep valley between her breasts. She seemed to be more smoother from inside, with white milky breasts. Suddenly she interrupted me saying, "Our daloo kya?" I said no to her.

After dinner at about 9.00 she took me to her bedroom and started teaching me. First of all she said me, "Dekho Samil, tumhe thoda franck hona padega. This chapter is fully about sex so don't be shy at all. You can ask me anything without hesitation." Then she asked me what I knew about sex. I didn't answer anything showing that I don't know anything. She asked me what are the sexual organs of man and woman. With a bit hesitation I told her that I don't know particular words for them. She told me to say what ever words I know. Showing a bit hesitation I said man has lora and woman has...has chut and...and balls. She saw me with a sexy and naughty smile. I also replied with a smile. Then she told the words penis, breasts and vagina. Further she asked me whether I have seen breast and vagina, with again telling me to be frank. I told her that I have seen breasts in some English movies not vagina. She told me, "That means you have seen xx movies not xxx movies, isn't it?" I was surprised to hear xx and xxx from her. I told her that I haven't seen them intentionally. I said being innocent that my friends have so many times invited me to watch xxx movie but I didn't went there. She got impressed by me and appreciated me.

I asked her ma'am can I ask you something. She said "Of course, you can." I asked her, "Ma'am, how a baby borns?" She said, "During the fucking process man's semen enters woman's vagina and that's how the process of baby begins." I acted such that I am surprised and asked,"What is semen, ma'am?" She, with surprise, said "Don't you know semen! That means you don't know onanism (masturbating)." I said her that, "Ma'am my knowledge is very poor in this." She explained me that semen is a thick liquid that comes out from penis and also told me that a liquid is produced in woman's vagina also. I acted as I am not understanding anything and I said, "Ma'am, I am very much confused." She again explained me and I responded the same. I further asked how these liquids come out and she said that it comes out due to excitement. I again said that I can't understand and said, "Ma'am I even can't imagine the shape of the vagina as I haven't seen it." I said I get excitement but don't know about vagina and also how a woman gets excited. She said," A woman can get excited by kissing her lips, her breasts and other parts of a body." When she was telling this I was dreaming me doing all these with her.

I still kept showing confusion on my face and she was 100% sure about my ignorance and innocence in this field. She got tired explaining me theoretically. She told me fingering her self that, "See, I am a woman and I can get excited even if you slowly kiss me on my lips or neck or any where on my face." (Now she desperately wanted to explain me so I might not notice what she was telling me.) She asked me if I would like to try. I went near her and she stood up and then I kissed her on her cheek. She smiled and that encouraged me. I started kissing her neck taking her in my hug. In the beginning I kissed her slowly as she said me but then I became a bit faster. I pressed her in my hug and she was still smiling with a sexy smile. Now I looked in her eyes and slowly began to go nearer to him and slowly put my lips on her silvering lips and began to suck them. I kissed her for about 15 minutes and during that I didn't touched her breasts by hand because I didn't want to let her know my intention. As we finished kissing she went a bit far from me and again that smile came on her face. She asked, "Have you felt excitement?" I said yes and asked her the same. She said, "Yes I also got little excited." I asked, "Not full excitement ma'am?" She said, "The excitement can increase still more." I asked, "Can I also get more excited? and if yes then how?" She said, "By breasts or vagina-by touching and sucking them." Then she asked shyly, "Would you like to touch my breasts?" When I replied positively she said, "Then what are you waiting for! Come on."

I went nearer to her and again hugged her. I slipped her saree from her shoulder and touched her breasts (inside her blouse) very slowly. As I was very fond of her gully I asked her if I could see her gully. She agreed with smile and bent a bit. I was not satisfied and I bent her a bit more. My dick was getting rock hard and with her permission I placed my finger in her gully and made it going in and out. I could see her getting excited. Then after some time she stood up straight and again I began to touch her blouse, this time a bit faster and my lips were busy with French kissing. I slowly started squeezing her breasts and I took her nipple in my fingers and started pressing them. She started moaning now. I brought my lips down to her boobs, took her nipples in my mouth. Now she had her fingers in my hairs and her eyes were closed. I gathered a bit courage and started unhooking her blouse. As I unhooked one button of her blouse she requested me not to do that but as I sucked her nipples with much more pressure she could not oppose me. I slowly un hooked her blouse. Her white bra was in front of me. She had such big breasts that could not be totally hold by her bra. I in a fraction removed her bra and there her big boobs were in front of me. She had light brown nipples which were erected about 1 cm due to excitement. She pressed my head between her breasts.

I took her to the bed and laid her down on bed. She was looking me very eagerly. At that time she looked just like Madhuri Dixit looked in "Dayawan" film in the starting of the famous kiss scene of the film. I could not wait much and I laid on her and started kissing her lips. This time it was a perfect French kiss as our both tongues toggled with each other. This kiss continued for about 15 minutes. I went down a bit and started squeezing her breasts. I took her nipples again in my mouth and started sucking her breasts very hardly. Her moaning had became very loud. She was shouting, "Ooouch...aaaahhhhhhh...pleaaaaaaaaaase... nooooo, noooo, Samil, pleaaaaase do it slowly, pleaaaaaase!" But that made me much horny and I started giving her bites on her breasts. Now she had totally forgotten that she was teaching me science. I kept sucking her breasts for about 40 minutes. During this she got that much excitement that her breasts became milky. I was sucking her nipple with wildly pressing her breast and so I could drink very much of her milk. I also pressed her thighs in-between by lifting her ghaghara up.

After sucking her boobs I watch to her. She took me in hug and came over me. Now it was her turn and she started removing my clothes. She was kissing me wildly on my chest and now I was only in my underwear. She kissed my dick from outside the underwear. After some time as she removed my underwear my dick came out just like a spring. She got mad by watching it and started sucking it. She did it for two or three minutes. Now she said me with hurry and hard breaths, "Tumne kabhi chut nahi dekhi na. Dekhna chahoge?" She showed me the way towards her vagina. I went inside her ghaghara and started sucking her panty and my both hands were massaging her thighs. Her fingers were on my head from out side the ghaghra. I removed her panty and started sucking her cunt with tongue and sucked it for about 20 minutes and she got her first orgasm in my mouth. Now I removed her ghaghra also and stretched the lips of her vagina with both the hands. I was watching reddish skin inside her vagina. As I stretched it too much she gave a loud moan and then requested me, "Ab mujse nahi raha jata, tum please chodo na muje." Her face was looking too horny and I also had became impatient.

As I entered my dick in her she shouted like she was being fucked for the first time. She told me that her husband had been advised by doctor not to fuck because of an accident since last 7 months and moreover she had been used to be fucked by a small, thin dick and my dick was too big for her. Then I slowly entered my dick in her cunt. She still had a bit pain but she looked satisfied. Her cunt had became very wet and that increased my speed. I started fucking her with very high speed and her moaning became very loud. After about 15 minutes I unloaded myself into her and laid over her. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I watched her lying naked on the bed with closed eyes. Though I had fucked her recently, that scene erected my dick again and I jumped on her. She denied this time but as I started kissing and pressing her breasts she got ready for second round.

This time my aim was her asshole. First she opposed and said that it would be very painful but she could not control herself too long and I got a chance enter my dick in her ass. I applied a bit cream on my dick and performed the task and then we slept in each others hug. In the morning while she came out of bathroom taking bath she was in a towel only, and that led us towards another fucking. Then after for the whole year I went her home one hour before my tuition time and we satisfied each other.

"Smoking whores and women turn me on."

I will inform to you re: my experiences. I am a salesman and have to travel worldwide and frequently in India too. My job requires imparting training to various personnel. My wife who is not of my caste is very rigid and also does not allow me to lick her pussy and she does not give me frenchie. She gives straight sex to me. I have always believed that variety is life of spice, be with wife, be it my job or anything else.

During my visit to Mumbai, I used to stay in hotel near V.T. Near my hotel after 5.00 p.m. many whores are frequenting this area. I do not get attracted to them as they are dark and ugly but near V.T. station, was one woman who was sitting, smoking a cigarette and smiling at all the men passing by. Her boobs were big and she was 35 years. I approached her and asked her, "KITNA?" (how much) to which she told me Rs. 200.00 for 1 hour. I am afraid of V.D and AIDS so I told her to shake my cock and how much. She said, "Rs. 200.00 mera swaad lo. Chodna hai chodo, hilana hai hilao, choosna hai chooso, jo karna hai, karo, ek ghanta me mauj karo." I asked her name, she said Zeenat. I asked "Rs. 200.00 mein hotel kaun bharega?" Zeenat replied, "Raja, yeh package hai, main sub kuch tere liye bharoongi, to sirf mere saath chal." I made one condition that I will strip Zeenat and that she will be continuously smoking while I strip her and fuck her as smoking whores and women turn me on. Her dialogues turned me on.

I also saw one shemale hearing our discussions. The shemale was wheatish complexion and as soon as I looked at her she shook her boobs and winked at me. I asked Zeenat to negotiate with the shemale and that the shemale (Lata) will fuck her with me. Zeenat agreed and asked shemale who was her friend as well. Zeenat told me that for services for her and Lata I will have to shell out Rs. 350.00 only for 2 hours enjoyment. Both the whores asked me to follow them to the hotel. I was walking behind, careful that someone who knows me should not be able to see me.

I reached the hotel and Zeenat and Lata started to strip and I stopped them immediately. Then I asked Zeenat to light her cigarette. She light her cigarette and sat on the bed with her legs open. I went to her, unbuttoned her blouse buttons which were in the front. ZONG, came out her big boobs and straight went into my mouth. I sucked her delicious boobs and teased her nipples. Zeenat cried, "Aur chooso, bhadva aur andar mooh mein daal." I went on teasing her nipples which became erect. She started to remove her saree then I twisted her arm and told her, "Bhadvi, mein tere kapde utaroonga", jab mujhe chahiye." She started pressing my cock but I did not allow her to remove my pant. I then removed her complete saree. Bloody bitch was not wearing any underwear. I wanted to remove her underwear. I stuck my finger in her pussy. She begged me to remove my pant. I told Lata to remove my pant, underwear and unbutton my shirt. Lata with whory and teasing looks, inviting looks obeyed my command. I told Lata to perform striptease and remove her clothes. With inviting looks Lata removed her saree, removed her blouse, sucked her tits, squeezed her tits, winked at me and then removed her petticoat with lot of nakha andaaz.

My cock was fully erect ready to fuck now. I told Lata to come near me and gave my cock in Zeenat's mouth and Zeenat gobbled it slowly and bringing it her mouth deep. I caught Lata's hair and pulled her to me. Lata cried with pain then I took her cock and started to masturbate her cock and licked her boobs while with one finger I put in Zeenat's pussy and other in Lata's pussy. Zeenat took her finger and put in my asshole and took out and took in and while putting it in side the pushed my cock further in my mouth every time. I almost came in her mouth and took out her cock. Then I told Lata to put her cock in my asshole and I put my cock in Zeenat's. Lata obeyed my command. While Zeenat went to light another cigarette she told me to wear a condom. I told Zeenat that I do not have a condom, to which she told me, "Tu nahin chodega mujhe jab tak tu nirodh nahin layega." I told Zeenat that "Condom nahin hai to mooh mein kyon dala randi." Zeenat told me, "Motherfucker (in Hindi) choot me dalna hai to baat samajh."

Meanwhile Lata was pumping me hard and hard so I told Zeenat not to waste time and shake my cock. I came within one minute in the hands of Zeenat. The bitch now is sucking my cum and drank my full cum and said, "Saala iska maal to zabardast hai." Then I told Lata to fuck Zeenat. Lata immediately went to Zeenat's pussy and put in. Zeenat did not object that Lata did not have Nirodh. Zeenat was moaning with eyes closed saying, "AUR JOR SE, AUR JOR SE." I took advantage of situation and slid my cock in Zeenat's bum. Zeenat did not mind but told me "Saab, Maja aa gaya, Pehli baar kisi raand ko bhi maza aya." With her moans I came very fast and my cock shrank this time.

Now Zeenat told me that Lata will fuck her asshole and she will like to suck my shrunk cock. I was not agreeable as my cock was paining but then I could not resist smoking Zeenat's invitation and immediately Zeenat sucked my cock in a frenzy while Lata fucked her bum. They went on and my cock became erect. Now Zeenat told me, "Saab pehli baar mein kisi aadmi ko mujhe Nirodh ke bina chodne doongi, daal andar jaldi si." I put my cock in her pussy and pressed her tits. Lata could not stay behind and put her cock in my asshole. With the pressures building from Lata's cock, my cock went deeper and moans of Zeenat became louder and louder. The hotel fellow knocked at the doors and shouted, "Zeenat the building will come down or police will raid if you shout so loudly." I told Zeenat, "Abhi aa raha hoon, choot ko, paav ko tight kar." Zeenat told, "Aaja mere pyaare, aaja. Main tera masala ka milk shake piyungi." She begged me not to come inside her but wanted to drink cum. As soon as I was coming, I took out, she looked at me and started shaking my cock. In 3 seconds, I spurted my cum on her mouth and she drank my cum.

Then Zeenat begged me again that she will dress me up and she and Lata dressed me up and tried their best to make my sleeping cock alive but pressing it, stroking it, rubbing it but my little anmol was sleeping. I gave Zeenat Rs. 350.00 to which she returned me Rs. 200.00, gave Rs. 150.00 to Lata and told me, "Saab aaj tune randi ko aurat bana diya, phir se mere paas ana, doosri baar mein aur meri saheli do not tumhe chodenge aur paisa nahin lenge." I have yet to visit Mumbai again but will avail offer of Zeenat again. In the meantime any girls, women wanting a good fuck and tit sucking in India, contact me, who knows that I may be near your town and will be able to become your fucking friend.

"My face was fully submerged in an ocean of meat."

I've been married for the past 2 years to Neela, a very pretty and shy girl, who used to live in the same neighbourhood in Bombay as I. Although shy by nature, it sure was a pleasant surprise for me to find out after marriage that she has a never-ending appetite for sex, which ensured that we end up having it at least 10 times a week; and 2 years after marriage, we're still going great guns. But hey.... this story isn't at all about myself and my wife, is it ? Some months after our marriage, I sold off my house in Bombay and shifted to the city of Pune. The only relative that we left behind in Bombay was Neela's mother, i.e. my mother-in-law, who had been widowed 12 years ago. And she, my friends, is the heroine of this story - Salima. Although it's not considered polite in the Indian culture to refer to your parents-in-law by their first names, looking at the extent to which I've got close to my mother-in-law by now (as you're soon going to find out), you'll agree that the word TABOO doesn't exist in my dictionary anymore.

Although I'm presently running my business from Pune, I still have to travel to Bombay quite often for business purpose. And since my mother-in-law still lives there (all alone), I prefer living at her house whenever I'm in Bombay, instead of spending money on hotels. My wife is also happy to accompany me on my trips sometimes, so that she also gets to be with her mother from time to time, although she doesn't do that every time.

This happened (or rather, started) during one such trip to Bombay, when I was traveling alone, and was required to remain there for 5 full days. Whenever in Bombay, it's my regular routine to finish all business matters by 6:00 in the evening, then to come back home, freshen up, and then to go out with some old friends for a couple of drinks, then to get back home, take a light dinner, and then straight to bed. At this point, I must also tell you about another routine, which I and my wife enjoy whenever we're together. Before going to bed at night, we both like to take a hot shower (sometimes together), dry ourselves, which is followed by a special ritual: My wife makes me sit on the bed, and then brings some fragrant talcum powder (usually, lavender - the most exotic fragrance of them all). She sprinkles it all over my naked body, and then spreads it over my body with her loving soft hands. She almost massages the powder into my skin, using not only the palms of her hands, but eventually her feet and breasts, too. After this, I take over. I use my strong and sturdy hands to give her the same powder massage, caressing and fondling with her whole body - especially her well rounded breasts and her soft and full ass. Needless to say, this fondling and caressing ultimately results in such great arousal in both of us, we end up having some fabulous sex every night. Well, I don't know about it's benefits in terms of aromatherapy, but this sure works as a great foreplay for the both of us.

So... back to my mother-in-law, Salima. This particular trip to Bombay was in the summer months, when the weather there is very hot and sultry. On the very first day, I went through my usual work-followed-by-drinks routine, and got back to my sasuraal (in-laws' home). After having dinner with my mum-in-law (I call her 'Mummy', since that's what my wife calls her, too), I decided to take a shower before going to bed, since I'd been badly sweating it out throughout the day. I took a hot shower, intensely wishing all the while that my wife should've been there, too. I got out of the bathroom with only a soft Turkish towel wrapped around my waist, and stood on the doormat outside the bathroom door for drying my feet, still fully lost in my earlier thoughts, missing my wife very dearly. That's when my chain of thoughts was suddenly broken by the voice of Mummy, who was standing at the bedroom door. "Missing Neela, aren't you?" she said looking at me with a mischievous smile on her face. "Yes Mummy", I said, "I wish she'd been here, too. She'd also have felt glad to be with her Mummy," not daring to reveal the actual reason why I was missing her daughter at that moment.

Mummy smiled warmly, took a few paces towards me, and said, "Naughty you! You think I don't know why you're missing her right now? I know all about the 'powder ritual' that you both enjoy in the evenings after taking a shower. Neela has told me about it already." "And you know what?" she added after a short pause, "Neela just loves it! It sure is a very innovative idea that you two have come up with to enjoy your married life. Neela always tells me what wonderful lover you are".

All this had left me blushing red in front of my mother-in-law. I'd never imagined my shy-girl Neela to be so free with her mother to share these intimate things. I just didn't know how to reply. "Don't feel shy, Tarun. Most mothers are always anxious about their daughters' sex lives after marriage, whether they're leading a satisfied one or not. And I feel myself a very, very happy mother today, to know that my daughter is so happily married to a fine and handsome young man like you". She was by now standing next to me, patting me on the back of my shoulder affectionately. Then she let her hand rest on my shoulder, gripped it slightly, and said, "Come. Sit there on the bed. I'll put powder on you today. You will sleep feeling more refreshed".

I sure loved the idea, so I followed her to the bed. She gently pushed at my shoulders and made me sit down on the bed. I still had only my towel wrapped around my waist, which I adjusted properly, and sat on the bed with my back to her. First, I felt a generous amount of cool talc being sprinkled onto my shoulders. And then I felt Mummy's hands spreading them, very gently, all over the top and back side of my shoulders. Mummy's hands, just like Neela's, were quite soft and supple, but much firmer. The same can also be said about her whole body, as a matter of fact. Even at 48, she possesses a body that could put any 30-something woman to shame. She has maintained not only her voluptuous frame, but also all her curves, which are in the very right places. In fact, in my college days, when I had just started courting Neela, the mother-daughter pair used to take an evening walk together everyday. Anyone who didn't know them could have been forgiven for mistaking them for 2 sisters walking together, one elder than the other by just a couple of years.

Mummy continued with her gentle powdering and chatting about trivial things in-between.. I have enough hair on my chest to be called hairy, but my back and shoulders are as smooth and hairless as a silk saree. Therefore, I could feel the whole surface of Mummy's palms caressing my skin, moving in wide circular motions. When the powder was well spread over my back, she kept the container away, and started a semi-massage on my skin. The caressing got a little firmer, and I could feel the strength in her hands now. Being from the older generation, and hence being used to doing a lot of physical work in the past, Mummy sure was a strong lady.

She now shifted her attention to the top of my shoulder, and started working on them like a professional masseuse. With her exceptionally sturdy hands, she was pressing, kneading, rubbing and squeezing my shoulder muscles, and man, I loved the feeling! It was such a soothing sensation, I was feeling more and more relaxed with her every stroke. She rubbed the whole of my back in this manner for about 2 minutes, and then asked me to fold my hands above my head, with my crossed palms resting behind the neck, so that she could powder my underarms and the sides of my chest. There, she continued for another couple of minutes, and in such a gentle yet firm way, I was feeling like I was in heaven.

Then I sensed her pouring some more talc in the palms of her hands, rubbing them together, and the next thing I knew, she had taken me in a half embrace from behind, with her powder-smeared hands moving over my chest. She was now caressing my breasts, moving her slender fingers through the thick hair on my chest, just like her daughter loved doing every night, massaging the powder into my chest skin. I could feel both her breasts pressed against my back, and even through the saree and the blouse she was wearing, I could feel their tender softness. By now, I was feeling a little excited myself, half because of the erotic memories involving my wife being brought back to me by this ongoing ritual, and half because of the things my wife's mother was doing to me at that very moment. And to tell you the truth, I didn't feel guilty at all about getting excited by my own mum-in-law's groping hands. On the other hand, I secretly longed for her to embrace me even tighter, so that I could feel the full softness of her breasts against my back.

I must admit here that even though Mummy was my mother-in-law, I had often fantasized about her back in my younger years. Her breasts had always been much larger than her daughter's, and although it was her daughter that I used to flirt with out in the open, it was the mother with that enviable cleavage and a perfectly round ass, who filled my teenage fantasies in those days. I had often dreamt of sleeping like a baby with my head in Salima Aunty's lap, sucking on her melony boobs.

It was just a couple of minutes before my earlier secret wish became a reality. She held me even tighter from behind, and her hands were now not simply rubbing, but fondling my breasts. She was trying to grab as much of the flesh in her hands as she could, and was giving it a firm squeeze. I also heard her breathing get a little heavier as she did this. She continued this for another 2 minutes, and then stopped abruptly. "She must be getting some more powder," I thought. Well, I was right. However, it took her a little more time to do that than it should have. But I didn't bother to turn back to see what she was doing, and waited for her to continue, when she hugged me from behind once again. But this time, there was something different in her embrace. It was not only its tightness that was different and more intense, but also what I was now feeling against my back. I could feel her breasts pressed tightly against my back, but only this time, they were BARE. It seems, within that short pause, she had pulled down the pallu of her saree and taken off her blouse before returning to massage my chest again. Well, I wasn't so sure whether that really was the case, but I didn't dare to turn back to check. All the same, I could feel the bare skin of her breasts fully pressed into my back, her hard nipples brushing slowly against it with her every movement, while she continued squeezing and fondling my breasts from behind like mad.

Her squeezing had got a little harder now, and was hurting me a little. She was now also playing with my nipples, twisting them with her fingertips and pinching them gently. Her breathing was now even heavier, and I could feel her hot breaths down my neck and near my ears. God, this was driving me crazy! This went on for another 2-3 minutes, after which she stopped abruptly once again. "Tarun," she now said in a soft - almost seductive - voice, "Why don't you lie down on your chest, so that I can also do your feet and calves?" By now, I was so very overwhelmed by the way Mummy was 'manhandling' me, I was ready to do whatever she wanted me to do. And I did just what she'd asked me to do. I lay down on my chest letting my body loose on the bed and spreading both my arms sideways. I rest my head on the right side with my eyes closed, never once daring to look backward.

I could feel Mummy rubbing powder on my feet now, and slowly, she started moving up my legs. She caressed the whole length of my calves, right down to my heels, with the same gentleness with which she had massaged my shoulders. When she had thoroughly powdered both my legs (below the calves), she suggested something that made me jump. "You can remove that towel now, so that I can massage your thighs," she said, waiting for me to respond. But I didn't. "You've walked quite a lot for the whole day, haven't you? Your leg muscles must be paining. Let me soothe them out for you." Well, true that I'd done a lot of walking during the day, and true that my leg muscles could do with a light massage. But at the hands of my mother-in law? Surprisingly, I saw nothing wrong with it. But still, I felt hesitant to remove the towel, the only piece of garment I had on at that time, and expose my butts to my mother-in-law.

"Come on, don't behave like a school boy," she said, her voice almost a whisper now. "You know I'm so much older than you. And besides, you're lying face down anyway. So I can't see your 'that' thing, you know" she added giggling. Well, it sure sounded like a convincing argument to me, so I just pushed my ass upward, pulled the towel from under my body, but didn't remove it fully. I just let it lie loosely sprawled over my hips. My excitement was growing with each moment, so I really had to struggle, keeping both my legs pressed together, in order to keep my half erection hidden from Mummy's view. I now felt Mummy's soft hands working over the back of my thighs, with the same gentleness, which later gave way to some powerful squeezing and kneading. She stopped briefly to take some more powder, and the next thing I knew, she had slid her hands under the towel lying loosely over my butt, and was now gently caressing my ass with those heavenly hands. She then removed the towel and threw it away, baring my whole backside to her view. She treated my butt meat in the same manner as she had done with the rest of my body, and now I'm running short of words to describe exactly how I was feeling at that time.

I could feel my organ tighten under my body and pressing hard into the soft mattress, struggling to achieve full length. When she had given my hips a thorough massage, I could feel blood and adrenaline rushing through not only my ass, but my whole body like an overflowing river. That's when I heard her say in a low, but stern voice, "Time to turn around now, dear Tarun." I couldn't believe my ears. "What?" I asked, quite shocked by the idea of baring my naked front to her. "You heard me. Turn around!" she said. "You DO want your facial massage in the usual way, don't you? You think Neela hasn't told me about that?"

This was just too much. Was Neela really sharing all our secrets with her mother? ALL of them? I shivered at the thought. "Now stop acting so shy, and turn around my dear son-in-law," she said in a more gentle and mocking tone, which sounded more like a challenge to me. While saying this, she slid her right hand over my right thigh and tucked it underneath, while her left hand found its way below my right arm. She tugged at my body with a little force, and now I had no choice but to oblige. I turned slowly, trying in vain to hide my cock between my legs, which had now receded back to its half-erect position due to the anxiety of the moment. It was only when I was finally lying on my back that I dared to open my eyes and face Mummy for the first time, who was sitting right next to me on the bed. Yes, I'd been right all this time. She was actually sitting there topless, with the pallu of her saree hanging down from her waist, and her blouse nowhere to be seen. She sure was a great sight to behold. I just couldn't take my eyes off her breasts. They were so astonishingly firm and large, it would be hard to believe that they belonged to an almost 50 years old woman. Her nipples were dark and large, and standing fully hard. I just kept staring at those enormous globes of tender flesh for a few minutes before I realized what I was doing, and then turned my gaze towards her face.

Mummy was staring down at my body with the same affection which she always had in her eyes. But this time, there was an additional twinkle in her eyes, which I know from experience, is something seen in the eyes of only a hungry woman, who is soon going to have that hunger fulfilled. "Just what I'd thought," she said, smiling at me warmly. "What? What do you mean?" I asked. "You were having a half erection while I was massaging you, weren't you?" she asked in a teasing voice. There was no point in lying now, since she seemed to have noticed my penis still standing half erect. So I said, "Well Mummy, I sure felt excited by the way you were massaging me." "You really are a very fine young man," she said, moving her gaze down my body and fixing it on my penis once again. "And I am so glad for my daughter that she has YOU to give her the pleasures of womanhood," and with this, she slid her hand down my chest, over my tummy, directly to my cock. This sent thousands of butterflies fluttering inside my body. She briefly curled her fingers through my pubic hair, tugging at a few strands, and within a moment, she had grabbed my cock in her right hand. I could feel the organ zoom back to full erection in an instant, right inside her fist.

Mummy smiled at me again, and started stroking my cock gently, and I could feel every single drop of blood throbbing inside there as it passed through. Mummy picked up the powder can again, took 2 handfuls of the powder and applied it right on my cock, now using both her hands to cover its full length. She started slowly moving both fists up and down, while keeping her grip firm on my cock. She spread the powder all over the cock, and also over my balls, and my whole pubic area was now bathed in fragrant white powder. She stopped again after a few minutes and said, "Time for your facial massage. Don't you want to sit up now?" She sure knew everything that my wife and I did inside our bedroom. I sat up from my lying position, sat upright on the bed facing her.

Mummy sprinkled some more powder, but this time, over her own breasts. She spread the powder evenly over them, and then stood with her knees on the bed, right before me. We looked longingly into each other's eyes for a few moments, and then she pulled me towards her with her hands behind my neck, so that my face dug into her cleavage. She held my face in the palms of her hands, and then started rubbing both her breasts on my face, just the way my wife does every time, too. She kept smothering my face between her massive boobs, barely letting me breathe properly. Yes, that's the way I like getting my face massaged by a woman, dear folks! And there just can not be any better way than that, I can bet. Mummy's breasts were so damn tender, so very full and yet, so amazingly firm, even Neela's breasts don't feel so nice against my face. With Mummy treating me to this massage, my face was fully submerged in an ocean of meat, and ohhhh I'd have sunk there to death most happily.

After my face was fully smeared with the powder transferred over from her breasts, Mummy stopped and pulled a little away from me. She again held my face like a mother holding the face of her own beloved child... very, very lovingly. Then, I saw her face coming down on mine, slowly but longingly. At this moment, I just couldn't control myself. All this time, I had been playing an absolutely passive role in the whole episode, not daring to do what I felt like doing so badly. But from here on, I decided to play the man and to return all those pleasures to Mummy, which she had been giving me all this while. With that, I grabbed her face with both hands, pulled her towards me, and planted my lips onto hers. We kissed deeply for ages, first only lip-to-lip, but later with our tongues darting into each other's mouths to lick and suck at everything possible. I can swear over my 29 years of life that I'd never received such hot and wet kisses from ANY woman before that. Mummy was so full of passion, it was hard for someone like me, about half her age, to keep pace with her fiery smooching. She fully stunned me with her mastery over the art of kissing during those 15 minutes that we kissed, showing me just what tongues and lips are meant to be used for.

We again sat on our knees facing each other, looking into each other's eyes with such love, such passion, and such eagerness, as if we had been lovers for ages past, but separated for some time. Then we kissed again. With more fire oozing out of every smooch and getting wilder and crazier with every passing minute. We must have thus kissed for another 10 minutes at least, before pulling away. Then, not taking her eyes off me, Mummy picked up the powder container again, and handed it over to me. "You know what I want you to do now", she said, smiling slyly again. I didn't need any more instructions. I sprinkled some powder in my left palm, rubbed it over the right one to distribute it evenly, and then with those palms covered with powder, I grabbed Mummy's breasts. First, I held them gently, caressing them slowly. I could feel her thick nipples harden again beneath my hands, and that was enough to drive me crazy once again. I started pumping Mummy's breasts with whatever force I had in my hands, not caring that it might hurt her. But her breasts were so large in their girth, they just wouldn't fit in my full palm, however wide I stretched. I was grabbing, fondling, crushing and playing with her massive boobies like mad, not caring to be gentle anymore.

Mummy was moaning loudly with my every squeeze, from either pain or pleasure. But whatever it was, I can bet that she was enjoying it thoroughly. For as I did this, she clenched the hair on the back of my head and started grunting "Ohhhh...Tarun! TARUN! You're so strong! You're such a strong young man! Squeeze me! Squeeze my boobs harder. I want to feel a real man like you enjoying my boobs. Squeeze! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze! Aaaaaaahh!" I not only fulfilled her wish by squeezing, harder, but later also by licking (almost eating out) her breasts. The way I was molesting her breasts, one would've thought that it was the first time ever that I was setting my hands on a woman's melons. All this time, Mummy kept showering me with her wet and wild kisses, of which she seemed to have an unlimited supply. Mummy had not had any opportunity to have sex for the past 20-odd years, so she was appareantly making up for all those missed pleasures today.

"Well, it's been routine stuff for you until now," she said finally, "But now I'm gonna give you what you've been pining for all these years, but my shy little daughter has always been reluctant about." Not that I was fully clueless. But I wasn't quite sure of what exactly she meant, so I waited for the explanation to come from Mummy's own mouth. She indeed used her mouth to answer my curiosity, but not by way of way of action. Mummy went down on me again, groping my body all the way down to my cock, and before I knew, I saw it disappear inside her mouth. My God! She was giving me the ORAL! Yes, that's the truth. Although I have shared lots of wonderful sex with Neela, she has never given in to my numerous suggestions of having oral sex. She doesn't mind me eating her pussy, which I relish more than any cuisine on the face of the earth. But she always flatly refuses to suck me. Due to this reason, I'd been missing the pleasures of having my cock sucked by a woman for all these years. But now, Mummy was there like a God-sent angel, ready to fulfill all my unfulfilled wishes.

It was the first time ever that I got to feel my hard cock taken in by the soft and tender mouth of a woman. The sensation was far more superior and ecstatic than any other thing I had experienced in my life. The way Mummy moved her mouth up and down along my shaft, the way she sucked on it, the way she fondled and played with my balls, the way she kept nibbling at my cock teasingly, the way she kept jerking it, and ultimately, the way she brought me to one of my most tremendous ejaculations...everything was simply out of this world. It took me right into heaven. Even after I had cum and felt myself fully spent, she seemed to be in no mood to stop. She just kept sucking me, sucking hard, to bring out even the last tiny drop of my cum.

I finally collapsed in the bed in a state of daze. Mummy moved up again towards my mouth, and gave me such loving kisses all over my face, I couldn't help hugging her tightly again, and reciprocating to them with the same passion. She then lay in my arms, and we spent some speechless minutes cherishing those blissful moments we had just spent with each other. After a few minutes, Mummy again went down on me and within seconds, she had once again 'erected' my once-spent cock back to a full hard-on using her expert hands. I'm telling you folks, she is a true magician with a man's cock. Needless to say that we engaged in a few more minutes of fiery sex before collapsing in each other's arms once again.

What was remarkable was that we had both shed all our inhibitions, not caring a damn about our familial relationship and the rules of the society. All we knew was that we were perfectly comfortable with whatever we had done with each other, and had no regrets about it. And heck! Why should one regret doing something one has derived such divine pleasure from? This was the start of our (what the rest of the world might label as incestuous) relationship. Goes without saying that my whole stay in Bombay was the most memorable. We lived those days just like a newly wed couple, curious about everything related to sex and each other's bodies, quite adventurous about trying out new things, and always hungry for more. Mummy never refused to fulfill any of my wishes, and the number of positions we experimented within those 5 days must have far surpassed those described in the Kama Sutra. After wild sex each night, we used to fall asleep in each other's arms, only to feel myself being woken up in the middle of the night by Mummy's groping hands (and/or mouth) to pick up where we had last left off.

Our relationship continues even today. In fact, I nowadays try to ensure that I get to travel alone to Bombay, without my wife accompanying me. But I can't keep preventing her from coming along forever. There will surely come a time when I will HAVE TO take my wife along, too. I complaining? No way! Because I already have plans drawn out for what I'd like to do at that time. You guessed it right, friends. I'm going to have the mother and the daughter together - in the same bed. That's my next fantasy in life, which I'm dying to see come true pretty soon. And guess what? Mummy has already agreed to it. I once made the suggestion to Mummy - very, very hesitantly. But like always, Mummy astounded me by giving the most enthusiastic response. With her consent, I don't think it's going to be very difficult to convince Neela for the threesome, since as per our plans, it's her own mother who's going to seduce her into joining us in bed. With a wife like Neela and a mother-in-law like Salima, I've already had ample luck in my life. But I still need some more of it.

"I was thirsty to fuck tight choot."

Hello friend, here is Nazia (29 years, 5'2", 34/26/34, fair and attractive) to share our (me and my hubby Jamil) one good moments with you. Before start I would like to give thanks to Desipapa which is giving us chance to share our sex experience to enjoy maximum. This was a long back story but it is so excited that we could not stop ourselves to share this with you all. My hubby very handsome (39 years, 5'8"+, very strong built). Since beginning he is a very, very sexy. He always like to have sex with me all the time whether I am in mood or not. He says life comes only once then why not enjoy each and every moment beautifully so that in the last stage of life nothing lefts unenjoined. I know Jamil since before marriage and I was attracted by him due to his handsome personality, his choices and talking style. In fact all the bachelor girls from my distance relatives like him very much. Before my marriage many one approached to Jamil's family for their daughter's marriage with Jamil but this was God master plan that I got married with him.

Just before marriage when our engagement was done the Jamil's sexy letter started to come through one of my distance sister Shakeela. That time she was around 22-23 years, 34/24/34, wheatish color, attractive and very talkative. At the time of marriage I was just 19 years old. Since my school days I was one of the smart looking girl in the school and while I took admission in college people who saw me started to send their marriage proposal through someone to me or to my family. Many marriage proposal came from other caste too. Jamil kept sending sexy letters through Shakeela. I was experiencing those Jamil's sexy words first time in my life. Because my mother was very, very strict that is why I used to read those letters in toilet. Jamil's letter was always 4-5 pages written in Hindi which generally takes 30-40 minutes to read. After reading those letters my excitement reaches to sky and all the time I feel like to urinate because Jamil always write me that after marriage how he is going to fuck me and due to his tall and muscular personality I always nervous on just imaging his lund and his strong built big hip.

While returning to Jamil's home after marriage he told me in my ear that today be ready for sex and after listening these words I start feel like to faint and urinate. Somehow night came and Jamil entered in my room and immediately bolted the door from inside and quickly come up on the bed where I was folded myself inside the quilt. He took out the quilt and told me, "Why you are wearing this gold and this much dress. Now its role finished. Take it out, I want to see you without all these." But I was lying as it is on closing my eyes. After a moment while there was no movement from my side, he himself start taking out my ear-rings, nose-ring, and other jewelry items and keep requesting me to get up and seat down. Few of my jewelry which was attached to my hair he could not take out because of my hair was jumbled in and around that jewelry, but kept on trying to take out. When he could not take out then I got up and helped him to take all the jewelry out. I was smiling on seeing Jamil becoming impatient.

After taking all the jewelry out he start taking out my clothes and within a minute he made me full naked. I was seating full naked in front of him and I was smiling on seeing his eye became bigger on watching my naked virgin body. First of all he kept his hand on my boobs and told me you really beautiful and your boob is tight and well shaped. In no moment he took out his clothes. His erected 6"+ lund was in full erection but that time he himself was inexperienced that time and confused from where to start. Though I was very familiar about Jamil and his habits that is why soon my nervousness got out. He started kissing my lips, sucking my nipples and helped me to lay down on bed so that he can see the glance of my choot. He kept on seeing my choot for so many minutes and then started his hand move on it slowly. Soon I start feeling excitement and start cooperating him. In fact myself was becoming impatient to have sex with Jamil quickly.

After a while Jamil rided on my body on adjusting his lund on my choot's opening and he start kissing me badly. Both of us was inexperienced that time so we do not have idea how to get the lund in maximum. Without widening my legs he was trying to fuck me and after trying for few minutes his lund got the way to enter and he made a jerk and part of his cock got entered and a sound, "Ooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeee," came out from my mouth. Without wasting time he made another jerk and some more of his lund could nailed in my choot. Due to wrong position there was no more provision to nailed his total lund in my choot. Anyway he start giving stroke and soon watery white liquid start coming out from my choot and Jamil was busy in fucking my choot and kept on licking my lips. After few minutes Jamil exploded in my choot which was great fall and gave me great feelings. This was my first experience of having sexual intercourse.

After fall Jamil lay down beside me and start controlling his fast breath. We soon slept but after one hour Jamil again got up and rided on my body and fucked me till explosion and again he lay down beside me and slept. In suhaag raat Jamil fucked me seven times in different time gaps. After suhaag raat Jamil kept on fucking me 4-5 times daily. After one week we made a plan for Kathmandu (Nepal) for honeymoon to enjoy more. After reaching there we checked in a hotel and just after getting in the room Jamil made me naked and start fucking me with his great hungry lund. By this time Jamil has developed some idea how fuck so that total of his lund can go inside my choot. Those honeymoon days I enjoyed too much.

Time kept on running and within a year I gave birth to a daughter by normal delivery. After birth of child by normal delivery Jamil told me that her choot is now less tight than earlier and giving less pleasure while fucking. But that makes no difference in our love but I started thinking for Jamil that how to give him more and more pleasure. I took advised from one lady doctor about tightnesss of my choot then doctor suggested me that if I want then she can do one minor operation of my choot and afterwards that will become tighter like as virgin. But Jamil told me no need for the same he is satisfied.

During these our marriage days I felt that Jamil is very very sexy and one lady can not fulfill his fucking desires. I found Jamil started watching girls/other's wife curiously while going on road and he also start discussing with me about figures of other's wife and other girls. This gave me a great idea that why not arrange other lady or girl for him to fuck and I start looking for the right candidate. One day while I was thinking about the same then Shakeela, my distance sister, came in my mind who used to bring sexy letters of Jamil before marriage. She was still bachelor and I know that she likes Jamil very much. Her parents also tried for her marriage with Jamil but luck did not favoured her. One day on meeting with Shakeela I asked her during talk about Jamil that is she still likes her? She quickly replied tell me who do not like him? That is good answer, it means she is still liking Jamil. Then I talked straight way that I can spare him for you for one day if she likes. First she saw me on my face and then asked when then I replied whenever she wants then she told me ok keep this program tomorrow because tomorrow is Sunday on meeting purpose she will come to your house and whole day she will be property of Jamil.

In that night I talked to Jamil regarding Shakeela. Jamil told me that what is the need Nazia for doing all these? I replied dear you married me and now this is my responsibility to give you best sex pleasure either from my body or arranging somebody other else. Lastly it finalised that Jamil will enjoy with Shakeela in front of me. That's final. Next morning by 9 o'clock Shakeela came to our house. We were also ready to receive her to play the game. After wishing and all Shakeela sat down nearby my sofa. I felt Shakeela a bit nervousness on her face. Nazia was also seating beside me keep on chatting and chatting. Then I start the first move and told Shakeela that "Appi jaan, do not waste your time and enjoy with Jamil. I have given him to you for this day." On making her face down Shakeela was laughing but not making any movement.

Jamil was seating in turban and banyan and watching our boths activity. I got up and asked Shakeela to stand up before she thinks anything I opened her salwar's nari and in no time her salwar dropped down from her hip and her naked legs start visible but her choot and thigh was hiding under kameez. I lifted the kameez to show her virgin choot to Jamil. Jamil then quickly removed his turban and on becoming naked seated on sofa again and called Shakeela nearby between his leg and asked her to suck her lund. Myself pushed Shakeela from back and made her seat her on the ground between Jamil's legs and I helped her hand to hold Jamil's lund. First for few moments Shakeela felt nervous but slowly she started to make her hand movement on Jamil's lund. She was seeing Jamil's lund very carefully and enjoying his hot and hard lund in her hand and on moving her hand on it she was pleasing herself. After few moments she took Jamil's lund in her mouth and start shaking her head up and down. Jamil seating on sofa closing his eye enjoying Shakeela's sucking. Shakeela was trying to take total of his lund in her mouth but lund was too big and thick to enter whole in her mouth. She was sucking Jamil's lund with faster pace movement of her head. Seating back of Shakeela I was twisting her boob's nipple for her excitement. Holding Jamil's lund by one hand she was busy in sucking and sucking harder and harder and soon I saw Jamil's legs getting tightening and I felt that he is going to explode and before Shakeela could realise anything Jamil exploded in her mouth. She drank all his cum and start licking cum which was spreaded here there.

After few moments Jamil's lund start shrunking. Shakeela got up and sat down nearby sofa and start taking some relax. Shakeela thanked to me for giving this chance and asked her what next? Jamil told, "Your choot." Shakeela told me, first they will go for fucking and she watch first and afterwards Jamil will fuck me. I agreed and asked Jamil to take out his banyan first and become naked. I also quickly took out my cloth and Jamil helped me to take out my clothes. Soon we both were naked before Shakeela and seating nearby she was watching us very curiously. I sat down on sofa and widening my leg I asked Jamil to fuck. Jamil asked Shakeela to suck his lund to erect. Shakeela quickly came and start sucking Jamil's lund and in no time Jamil's lund become erected and become hard like iron rod. Afterwards Jamil came in between my legs adjusted his position and kept his lund's head on my choot and gave great jerk and in one jerk his whole lund vanishes in my choot. Deep and out of control sound came out from mouth, "Oooooeeeeeeeee mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa." After a while he start shaking on moving his hip to and fro. On closing my eyes I started enjoying Jamil's lund and on every thrust sound was coming out from my mouth, "Ooooooeeee aaaahhhh ooooooeeee aaaaaahhhhhh ooooooeeeeee aaahhhhh."

Shakeela was watching all this on seating nearby. Soon I cummed and white watery liquid started to come out from my choot. Jamil took out his lund and asked Sahkeela on taking out all her clothes to come on Nazia's place and take the position. She quickly followed the instruction and took her position. I caught the legs of Shakeela tightly from the back of sofa on widening her legs and asked Jamil to fuck her. Jamil quickly took the position and keeping his lund on virgin choot's opening gave great thrust and half of his lund vanishes in Shakeela's choot. Shakeela cried, "Oooooo ooooeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee mmmmmm mmaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaam mmmm maaaaaa aarrrrrrrrrrrr ggggggggaaa aaaaayyyyyy yyeeeeee eeeeeee." But without caring his cry Jamil gave another great jerk and nailed his total lund in her choot. Shakeela kept crying but Jamil start giving stroke one after another on nailing his lund total in each and every stroke. Apart from giving thrust he also started using dirty language about Shakeela. "Saali ab tak kahan thi tera kasa choot etna deen se bekar para tha pahle kyon nahin ayee main to kasa boor chodene ke liye taras gaya tha (Where were you till today with this tight choot. Till today it was lying useless. I was thirsty to fuck tight choot since last many months)." Shakeela started crying and telling why you have not informed me earlier. She told afterwards though I got married with Nazia but still she likes you and wanted to share sex since long.

Jamil was busy in giving thrust I was holding Shakeela legs and Shakeela was keep saying< "Aur chodo khoob chodo khoob chodo meri pyas bujha do aur apni pyas bujhalo (Fuck me more and more and satified me and yourself)." Jamil was speedly giving thrust and enjoying. Sign was great satisfaction was looking on Jamil's face. Soon Shakeela cummed and afterwards Jamil exploded in Shakeela's choot. Staying in that position for few moments Jamil took out his lund and sat down on sofa nearby start adjusting his fast breadth. I freed the legs of Shakeela and seating on the same place she was trying to adjust her breadth. I too sat down nearby sofa and start taking rest.

After taking rest for 30-40 minutes myself went in the kitchen and arrange to drink milk shake and juices. After taking milk shake and juice Shakeela asked what next? Jamil told your ass. She told you whatever you want you go for that she will never mind. Jamil asked for this on bed. Jamil asked Shakeela to suck her lund to erect again. Shakeela did this and soon Jamil's lund took the position. I asked Shakeela to lay down on bed on making her face towards roof and on seating down torads her head I lifted both of her leg and pulled up towards her head so that her hip lift up maximum so that her ass came up in the position. When Shakeela's hip was lifted maximum then Jamil put a pillow in the back of her hip to make the position remained as it is. Jamil told me to take out few amount of saliva from my mouth and apply on his lund to make it smoother while fucking her ass. I quickly did that and afterwards Jamil adjusted his cock on the opening of ass of Shakeela.

After adjusting his position he gave great jerk but ass hole was so tight that only a inch of lund could enter. Shakeela told "Ooooeeeeeeeeee." Giving great pain but without caring Jamil gave another jerk and nailed his cock half. Shakeela start screaming, "Oooooeeeeee mmmmaaaa aaaaaa mm maaaarr rrrrr gggg gggggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaayyyyyyy yyyyyyeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee ooooo oooooee eeeeeeeee mmmmm mmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa." But without caring her screaming Jamil gave another thrust and nailed his total of lund. After taking some breath he started to give thrust. Shakeela was screaming and started to use all the dirty language like as "Sale ne mar diya mera gand phar diya harami sala chodu mera gand ko mar diya," etc., etc. Jamil was busy in fucking her ass without caring her language. Jamil was seeing me and smiling me giving me thanks that due to me only this union become possible. After a while Jamil exploded in her ass and then we both released her to take rest on bed. Still Shakeela was using all the dirty language.

After taking rest for an hour we all got up and took bath and putting our clothes back we sat down on sofa. Sign was great satisfaction was there on the face of all of us. Shakeela gave thanks to me for giving this chance to me. After taking rest for further hours Shakeela adjusted her pain so that she can walk properly normal so that no one can identify about her fuck and afterwards on giving thanks to both of us she returned back. Jamil gave thanks to me and kissed me for top to bottom for arranging this group sex. If you wanted to enjoy real sex with full pleasure with us and if you are having broad mind then only write us quickly with your contact details. Serious and broadminded couple / girl / female / widow / lonely lady are requested to write us to enjoy with their details and contact details to make the life more and more pleasurable.

"She likes my excessive sex behaviour."

Hello sexy friends, myself "Jamil". I have got a very beautiful wife named "Nazia" (34/26/34). We are very best friend because we both can share our all feelings without any hesitation. We think that HUSBAND and WIFE relation is the best relation out of all the relation of world. Because all the feelings from sexual to mental can be shared by HUSBAND and WIFE but in other relation we can think for sex mentally not physically. If anyone making sex relation other than wife/husband than that is illegal but on making these illegal sex relation our society's social code is getting maintained. Let us discuss one-two example. Suppose Sister-in-Law became widow early and living in a joint family. She need sex then where she will go? If someone from the same family is satisfying her in the same house itself then she don't feel to go out for sex with other person. This way status code of that particular family is getting maintained. Similarly there are other hundreds of example.

Nazia has got very charming face and got good body construction. She likes me too and always say that she likes my excessive sex behaviour very much. During early marriage day I visited her to fuck 6 to 7 times in one night and if getting chance then 1 to 2 times in day hour. Due to that frequent fuck she became habitual of my cock. Now situation is that she don't want to go away to her father/mother place due to unavailability of my cock fuck. She is very cooperative in all my acts. In spite of getting good numbered fuck I always want pussy to fuck all the time. Once Nazia asked me that why you people don't satisfied? I told her that the day I will be satisfied then you will be dispatched to your father/mother's place. She got understand. I told Nazia that this is natural phenomena and due to this only population of all living things of earth are keep on increasing. Male never get satisfied by sex. He always look for sex next after next.

One day Nazia told me that is there any difference of sex pleasure in our early marriage day and these days? I replied that yes there is difference. In early marriage days your pussy was very tight during fuck but now a days your pussy is loose from inside and I don't feel that tightness. She told that who is responsible for the same? I agreed that yes myself made your pussy loose that is why I always feel comfort in your pussy because it give me feeling that this is my own pussy and I have to love it and fuck it. She became very happy on my reply and in that night she gave me good numbered of fuck in different poses.

One day a distance girl relative, Fauzia, aged 24, unmarried (38/24/38) of Nazia came to our place to stay for few weeks for some work. She was very talkative and very very beautiful and having milky white complexion. Whole day she talks with Nazia on so many garbage topics. She tell me Jija, and maximum time she keeps teasing me. Sometimes she try to tease me physically. I never feel bad for her tease because when she talks I always stare her face, good sized boobs. One day I was in night dress and Fauzia came to me to tease and all of sudden she caught my erected hard cock and after few message of my cock she left my room quickly. I got amazed on her behaviour but at the same time it gave me great pleasure. In night I told this to Nazia. Nazia got surprised but she told that she want your cock to satiate her. Nazia told me that dear you are lucky that you are getting this chance at home itself. She keep continue telling that I will make arrangement for you to fuck her tight virgin pussy, you just keep patience.

Very next day Nazia asked Fauzia secretly about catching Jamil's cock. She straight way told her that I want to be fucked by him because she like me very much. She told OK but keep patience when family members will be out then in that day this episode will be performed. After 3 days all of sudden family members went to see one relative and after their departure myself, Nazia and Fauzia left at home. After that Fauzia requested Nazia to arrange her fuck by me. First of all we all had good food and healthy drinks. First of all Nazia became naked herself then she made Fauzia naked. Afterwards both of them made me naked. Fauzia was looking very good. Her pink nipples on milky white good sized breast was giving a great look. Her boor (pussy) was clean shaved and had a great artistic cut. When I touched her pussy it gave me great sensation, feelings was like to touch hot and soft butter. On touch she starts doing "Sshhhh hhhheeee eeee shhhhh hhhhheee eeeeeeee." Her body shape was great. Even Nazia was continuously staring her body, boobs and pussy.

I lay down on the bed and quickly Nazia brought honey from kitchen and she poured large drops on my cock and asked Fauzia to lick my cock. Nazia turned up and gave her boob in my mouth. I start sucking and squeezing her breast and Fauzia was licking my cock and balls like as mad. All of sudden Nazia turned up and asked Fauzia to replace their place. Fauzia came towards my mouth and dumped her big breast in my mouth. I start sucking hard nipples and squeezing her tight breast by hand. Fauzia was experiencing new things and she kept doing, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah oooooooooooooooh ahhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooh." Nazia took my whole hard cock in her pussy and start shaking her back. Nazia was thinking to make me fall so that I can stay longer in FAZIA's boor (pussy). All of sudden Fauzia told Nazia to leave myself for her for some moment. Afterwards she make poses of 69 and she start sucking and shaking my cock and I start licking her sweet pink pussy deep and deep. She was getting excited and keep on saying, "Ooooooon ooooooooon oooooooon ooooooooooon," and in the same time she keep working on my cock. Salty juice were start coming out from her pussy and drop by drop I was enjoying Fauzia's juice.

Now I was ready to pump out my juice as Fauzia was trying to pump out by sucking and shaking. My cock was getting harder and harder and my legs were getting tense and all of sudden my juicy semen came out with great force in the mouth of Fauzia. Fauzia was keep inhaling all of semen and afterwards she licked to finish all my semen which was spreaded on my balls and body. Now there was great relax on the face of Fauzia. Afterwards we all three relaxed for 5-10 minutes. Nazia made milk-shake mixed with honey, dry fruits and we all had 2-2 glass of that. Afterwards Nazia made my cock erected again on licking and messaging. Afterwards Nazia asked Fauzia to lay down on bed and she start kissing to chicks, lips and boobs of Fauzia.

In the meantime I made gap between legs of Fauzia and kept my erected hard cock's head on the entrance of Fauzia's pussy and gave a great stroke in order to penetrate my cock in virgin boor (pussy). FAZIA's boor (pussy) was so tight that only half of cock could enter in her boor (pussy). Fauzia start screaming, "Mmmmmm mmmaaaa aaaaiyaaaa aaaaaaaaa geeee eeeeee mmmmmmmmm mmmmaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aarrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr gggggggg ggaaaaa aayyyyy yyeeee." She start requesting me to take out cock quickly and start trying to get up. Nazia pressed both hands of Fauzia to avoid her to get up and she kept on making understand that this happened with all girls in her first fuck.

Without caring request of Fauzia I gave another hard stroke and my whole cock penetrated in Fauzia's boor (pussy). Fauzia's scream was now very high. "Mmmmm mmmmmaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaarrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrr gggggg ggggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaayy yyyyyee eeeeee reeeeeee eeeeeeeee maaaaaa aaaaaar daaaaaa aaaalaaaaaaa aaaaaaa reeeeeee eeeeee isss ssssss chhhhhhooo oooooddddddda aaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk kkkkkkaaaaaaaa aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr neeeeeeee eeeeee." She was keep requesting me and to Nazia to take out cock from her boor. Nazia gave me signal by eye to keep continue. Now without caring her scream I start giving stroke and stroke. Fauzia was keep on screaming and I was keep on giving stroke. After 3-4 minutes her legs becoming tight and Fauzia's excitement increased again. Soon she made fall of salty watery liquid. I took out my cock for second to clear her fall and in next moment I again pressed whole cock in her pussy in one thrust. Fauzia was still screaming and telling "Phaaaaa aaarrrrrrr daaaaaa aalaaaaa aaaaa reeeeee eeeee meeraaaa aaaaaaaaa boooooo ooooorrrrrrrr koooooo."

I was keep giving thrust. Fauzia's boor (pussy) was very tight. Along with giving stroke I was keep on squeezing Fauzia's boobs and sucking her pink nipple. Nazia was kept on kissing Fauzia's lips and chicks. Now I was ready to fall. My legs and body start becoming tight and in the next moment I pumped my semen in deep of Fauzia's boor with great force and without moving I lay down on Fauzia's body. After few moments I got up from her body. Fauzia's was feeling good and due to pain in her boor drops of water keep coming out from her eyes but she was smiling and kissing me and to Nazia.

Soon we all three got up and changed bed sheet and all had bath together. After become fresh we all had good food. After two days Fauzia returned back to her home but she took promise from us that whenever she will make visit the same episode will be repeated. We promised and... Broadminded (couple/lady) are invited to join us to exchange our fantasies, experience, feelings, pics and etc., etc. Become our friend and take sex advises too along with true friends. Confidentiality will be kept secret and expected.

"My cock was fighting hard to come out of the prison."

Now for the real experience. It was a Sunday and I had a lecture at 10 a.m. (Being a Management student I had a weekly holiday on one of the weekdays.) I had a 3-hr lecture that day. As it was a Sunday there was nobody in the college except our class and the watchman who was sitting on the ground floor (we were on the top floor). He would come to the top floor @ 4.00 pm to close the college. The attendance that day in our class was also not very much as there was a cricket match between India and England (anyway who likes to come to college on a Sunday???). There was not even 25% attendance in the class. So she taught us for an hour and then ended her lecture. Everybody started going to their homes but I was there in the class with Aparna as I had some doubts about the type of questions to be asked in the exams. So she said, "Come to the staff room I will show you previous years question papers which will help you." I said OK and started to follow her to the staff room.

The staff room too was empty and no professor was there. Now in our staff room all the previous years question papers and some supplements were all kept in a small room attached to the roof of the staff room. It was more or less like an attic. She said, "Come we will search for the question papers up there". And she started climbing up the stairs leading to the attic. I was standing right below her so when she started climbing I saw her milky white legs clearly and her ass too was moving here and there. I got a hard-on immediately. Then suddenly she looked back and she noticed what I had seen. Then she said, "Come up quickly." I was very tense at that moment so I hurriedly tried to climb the steps and as a result I slipped after climbing 1 or 2 steps. She exclaimed, "Be careful," and chuckled. I was getting horny by that time and was feeling like fucking her right then and there. But somehow I controlled myself and went up.

Up there in the attic there were a couple of chairs and a small table. Then she took a file and sat in front of me with the table between us. She started going through the file and searching for the question papers. She turned 1 or 2 pages and in the file she suddenly found a photo of a nude girl giving blowjob to a well-built man. She was stunned and quickly looked towards me. Actually I also saw the photo but I behaved as if have seen nothing. By this time my cock was saluting her. I was desperate to fuck her now. In the mean time she hurriedly closed the file and kept it.

Then she started searching for some other file. She saw the file but couldn't reach there. So she said, "Please stand up and get me that file." But it was trouble for me as I had a big bulge under my pants. But I couldn't delay in following her orders. So I got up. She saw the bulge and shouted at me "What's this?" I said, "I am sorry ma'am." I could make up from her face that she was also getting horny. She asked me, "Did you see that photo in the file?" Without my knowledge I promptly answered in affirmative. My face was red by this time. I said to myself you stupid, what did you do. You have just ruined your image in front of her. Due to her high tone my cock was as dead as a moron. But suddenly she said, "I would also like to do the same with you. " I was stunned. I looked at her and she gave a wicked smile. It was a dream come true for me. Then she took a step towards me. Suddenly my cock came back to life and the bulge was getting harder and harder. She then kissed me on my cheek. That's it. It was all I wanted.

I started madly kissing her. Then she took a step back and threw her pallu off her breasts. Then one by one I started to remove her clothes. First I removed her saree. Then came out the blouse, then her petty coat. WOW she's standing in front of me in her undies. I was kissing her all the time. Then I removed her bra and could see her milky white boobs with little pink nipples on it. I pinched her nipples and she moaned slowly. By this time her undies were getting wet. Then it was her turn to take off my clothes. She removed my clothes and now I was in front of her in my underwear. There was a huge bulge on my underwear and my cock was fighting hard to come out of the prison. Then I took her undies off and there she was standing naked in front of me as I used to picture her in my dreams. Then I started kissing her from her forehead to the red cheeks. Then I bit the soft part of her ear and she moaned, "Ahhhhhh." Then I kissed her on her rosy lips went down to suck her boobs off. I was continuously pinching and sucking her nipples. I pressed them with my hands. Then I few drops milk came out of her tits. I gleefully licked them. They were really very delicious. Then I moved further down to her navel and started tonguing it. She exclaimed, "Ohhhhh yessssss coooomee ooonnn hmmmmm."

Then I laid her down on her back. I started licking her feet. Then her knees then her milky white thighs that I saw a few minutes ago while she was climbing the steps of the attic. There were a few drops of her cum on her thighs I licked them clean. Then I kissed on her underwear. She was just getting mad by now. I removed her underwear to see her completely shaven white pussy. It was completely wet by now. I licked it carefully and started to finger her slowly. She was getting aroused by now she was telling me "Please do not trouble me any more, fuck me please." But I continued to finger her. Then suddenly she shouted, "Oooohhhhhhhh I am cummmmmmmmming pleeeassse." I decided to delay her orgasm. So I lifted her legs up to her face and started to lick he asshole. Hmmmmm, she really tasted delicious. Then I came back to her cunt. This was the perfect time for me. This time I fingered her vigorously. She kept on shouting and suddenly she came. She erupted so hard and quick that her come nearly flew to about 3 ft. She was paralyzed for a few seconds then I licked her pussy clean with my tongue. Then she said, "Oh!! Where were you by this time this was the most intense orgasm I ever had." She couldn't move still now.

After she got up she kissed me all over and took my undies off. And my cock sprang up like a spring. My cock head was full of my precum. She hungrily licked it. She continuously kept on licking my cock head. Then she took my tool in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. I also came very hard and drank each and every drop of my come. She licked my cock dry. Then we kissed for some time. We passed each other's come in each others mouth. The cocktail of our come tasted delicious. Then I said, "Turn back I want to fuck your ass." She hesitated a bit. She said her ass was still a virgin and her husband didn't fucked her ass at all. But I convinced her and she agreed. I started to push my cock in her ass but she shouted too loudly and gave my palm in her mouth. She bit it very hard. So I took my cock out and she said tome to lubricate my cock and her ass before entering her. I looked here and there. But where would I find a lubricant in a college.

Then she said she has an idea and quickly started to masturbate me. After a few minutes I was about to come. As soon as I came she took my come in he palms and then applied it on my whole penis. Then she applied the remaining in and around her asshole and then licked her palm clean with her tongue. I was really impressed with her idea and she was continuously smiling at me. Then I slowly slid my cock in her ass and she moaned loudly, "AAAAHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHHH." This aroused me and I pumped it even harder and it was completely in by now. Then I pumped for about 15 min and then came for the first time. Then after 10 min once more. This time she was impressed with me.

Now it was the real time for me to enter her pussy. She quickly asked me to lay on my back and then she sat on my penis. She went up and down and up and down. After few minutes I came. Then we tried some other sexual position until we were completely exhausted. In the last shot when I was about to come she took my tool out and put it in her mouth to eat my come. Both of us were really tired. So we took a long kiss on our lips and dressed up to get down from the attic. This was the one and only on sexual encounter I ever faced. So friends that was my story. Any girls/women living anywhere who would like to have open and free relationship, feel free to contact me on my e-mail. Secrecy is expected and guaranteed. I also expect replies from guys.


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