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Sex With the Maid

"I laid her down in the bathroom and took my place in between her legs"

When I was studying engineering, I was away from home. I used to go home on holidays. There was one housemaid who was working in my home. She was a very pretty married women in her early thirties. I used to tease her, but at the same time I never missed a chance to praise her beauty. She took it very casually. One year I went home on SankranthI vacation. This housemaid was alone at home and said that my parents went to attend a function. After some time I went to take a bath. I asked the maid to bring me shampoo. I asked her to apply it on my head. She agreed, and tied her saree up somehow. She was doing her job, but I was looking at her breasts, which were swinging. I felt a hot flame in my body. I was unable to control myself, so I put my hand around her waist and rubbed my face with her breasts. She was shocked. I pulled her on me and in that instant she touched my penis. It was very hot. She was supposed to remove her hand, but I held it there and asked her to shake my penis. I removed her saree and jacket. She had very big breasts. I sucked one of her breasts and rubbed the other with my hand. Then I came down and kissed her belly. I hugged her and removed the rest of the clothing on her body. I put her on a stool. I stayed on my knees and sucked her vagina. Oh! It's a wonderful experience. I had the ultimate pleasure sucking her vagina. Then I laid her down in the bathroom and took my place in between her legs. She kept her legs on my shoulders and I was slowly inserted my penis into her. I held her breasts and started to move in her. After 20 minutes I rested by laying on her. It was very lucky that nobody came home. After that whenver we got a chance we used to have sex. Now she is not working in my house. But that was a happiest time in my life.

"I was able to peep into her boobs"

I was alone in my house on a Sunday. My family had gone for a picnic, and that day I had some office work to do, so I stayed in house as usual. Our housemaid had come to do her daily work. I let her in and she came and started cleaning. I was in my room watching a morning programme. She came in and started to clean the room. She was wearing a black blouse without a bra and a green sari. She bent over as she was sweeping the floor and I was able to peep into her boobs. I got horny and I wanted to fuck. After sweeping she went out of the room. I lay there for some time, then I called her to find the pain balm and give it to me. She brought the balm to me and I told her that she could apply it to me. She sat on the side of the bed and started to apply it to my forehead. She bent over me slightly and I could feel her warm breath on me. Suddenly I put my arm round her and gave her a kiss on the lips. First she struggled a little and then let me kiss her. This gave me courage and I started to kiss her lips, eyes, and ears. By this time I undid her blouse and started to suck her 38" boobs. I sucked her tits as she undid my pants and got hold of my 9" penis and started to shake it to and fro. By now she was hot and asked me to fuck her. I spread her legs apart and pushed my dick into her. She moaned with pleasure. After 3 minutes I came inside her. That day I fucked her three times. From then on, whenever we got the chance we fucked.

"She removed her saree and came close to me and said, 'I'm ready to loose my virginity'"

I am working for a quite big company and my work involved touring outside my state or within as well. I was in the state of Gujrat in India. I used to stay in good hotel on company's expenses. I had only checked into this hotel and on the reception counter was a sexy, gorgeous and amazing looking female called RamanI (got her name later on). She was as hot as a pancake all dressed up in a traditional Indian saree. Sometimes sje used to wear a Salwar Kameez. She too was horny it seems. I was staring at her all the time with an intention to have sex with her. Every late night in the hotel there would be a triple XXX movie being played that would turn me on. The lower staff of the hotel had asked me if I wanted a female to help me out and I replied in the affirmitive. I had struck a deal with them and used to have someone every night. Sometimes it was the hotel staff as well. She knew all of this but she was virgin and a new recruit in the hotel.

One day as I was having sex with a mate of hers, she came in and saw her friend naked with me on the bed. I had fucked her friend in every position. Later on her friend left the room and I was standing there naked in front of her holding my cock in my hand. She smiled and was about to open the door and leave and I made my move. I caught her and pushed RamanI to the wall and whispered that this is going on for a long time and I couldn't resist her and wanted to fuck her. She tried to overpower me and resist but in vain. I pressed her balls so hard only to hear her groan and moan. I smooched her as well and pressed her ass very hard as she tried to push me and leave. I caught her and started to remove her saree as if I was about to rape her. I removed her saree and pushed her on the bed. I was fingering her wet pussy and was about to thrust it in. That's when she left. After a while I went to the reception and she was all alone, and not letting the opportunity to go by I called her and said that I would be waiting for her tonight in my room at 10 p.m. and if she did not come then I would take matters in my own hand. For this she laughed and went away.

Later that night I was in my room waiting for her to come as I was naked playing with my cock. Suddenly the bell rang and there she was. I got up and hugged her and began smooching her again. I started to play with her body, pressed her balls and put my hand in her blouse and pinched her nipples, pressed her butt as well as both of us were turned on. She pushed me to the bed and started to remove her saree and came close to me and said, "I'm ready to loose my virginity" and I smiled. She started to suck my cock real hard. It was great feeling her tongue and her having it in her mouth. She did it until it was as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar. I later pushed her on the bed and removed the knot of her petticoat and ripped it open and there she was in her undies, blouse and a bra. I felt my way through her legs as she was fingering her pussy herself. I tore apart her blouse and removed her bra and also her panties. I pressed and pinched her balls again and then worked my way towards her wet horny pussy. I licked it hard and also fingered it. She kept groaning and moaning as she enjoyed every bit of it. As this continued she screamed, "Will you fuck me now or what!?"

I slowly inserted my hard cock on her wet horny pussy and pushed it in and out. This started out in a very slow pace only to gather momentum. She kept moaning all the way as I continued to thrust it real hard. We could hear the thuds and her screams. After this I caught hold of her one leg and inserted it sideways. I also had her on top of me pushing herself in and out of my cock. I had her pushing her ass in my cock up and down. By this time she was screaming so loud that I was totally deaf to her groans. finally I pulled her over and made her balance herself on her knees and hands as I ate her ass as well. I began thrusting it in her ass as well (Doggie Style). She was shouting all through in the wake of excitement. Lastly I split her legs again as a bamboo and had her legs on my shoulders and thrusted it in and out. This went on for about two hours and later on finally I sprayed the much wanted cream all over her body for her to lick her lips balls, chest etc. I was exhausted and was feeling the pain and the pinch but she was worth the fuck. I had never a fuck like this before.

She was a great fucking partner. She too enjoyed losing her virginity. That night fell we slept and even till the time I checked out we regularly used to have sex every night from there on. She now left the job and come to her Mummy's place in my hometown and in the same vicinity so we still have regular sex. She now does not mind if in case I have multiple sex partners, meaning her friends and herself. Her friends are also a great fuck. We now regularly have group sex with me the only male to choose from so many females. Now boy am I lucky or what?

"Age can't stop sex. "

One day I was alone in my home, with only my servant Padma. She is a 58-year-old widow. Everyone in my home was gone for a one-week tour. I wanted sex with Padma but I was worried about whether or not she was interested or would like it. At last I got an idea. I got dressed and went to our TV room, which is situated next to the kitchen. I sat on the sofa then I put my penis out and I stroked it until it became hard. I looked back over the kitchen and she is in there cooking. I make some sex sound like, "Aaah, oooh." Then I drew down my pants and underwear. She heard the sounds and came up behind the sofa quietly. She saw me sitting there with my penis out, and I could hear her strong breathing. When I looked back she looked at my eyes, and then she put out her hand and touched my penis and then... I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Every day for one week we had sex, daily up to 12 hours. Age can't stop sex.


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